Audit & Assurance

Simply put, an audit is an examination of an entity’s financial statements and the underlying books and records – an organization might choose to have its financial statements audited for various reasons, e.g. to give more credibility to the financial statements, or it might not have the choice at all, e.g. an audit could be a statutory requirement – contact us to know if your organization’s accounts requires an audit.

Our audit methodology and organization structure enables us to deliver efficient, effective and value-added ISA compliant audits to organizations of all sizes and across various industry sectors: global business, manufacturing, trade & commerce, hospitality, financial services, not-for-profit etc. We take care to ensure that our clients are involved at all stages of the audit process through seamless communication so that expectations are always clear, bottlenecks are avoided, deadlines are met and projects are completed successfully in optimal conditions.

In addition to audit, we also offer other forms of assurance services.

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Accounting, Payroll & Tax

Access to reliable and timely financial information is essential for decision-making in business as well as for complying with relevant laws and regulations, e.g. Companies Act, Income Tax Act and VAT Act etc.

At AMG Global, we understand that every organization is different in terms of size, structure, business & regulatory environment and leadership. Therefore, we take the time to understand your business and to develop a customized solution for your accounting service’s needs, taking into consideration your budget.

Amongst others, our accounting, payroll & tax services include: book-keeping, producing monthly management accounts, preparation of annual financial statements, monthly payroll processing & NPF filing and tax computations and filings which include income taxes, PAYE, VAT, TDS, CPS, APS etc. Contact us to know which services might be relevant for your business.

AMG Global is a registered e-filing service centre with MNS and is able to file tax returns electronically on behalf of their clients, upon authorization from them.

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Company Formation & Secretarial

The Business Registration Act requires that any business should be registered as a business in Mauritius at the Corporate Business and Registration Department – a business can be conducted by a company, partnership or individual.

Whether you want to incorporate a company, a partnership or register a business in your own name as an ‘individual’, AMG Global can advise you on the best structure and assist you to ensure that the procedures are smoothly and without undue delays – AMG Global is registered with MNS and can complete the procedures electronically on the CBRIS system.

AMG Global also assists its clients with opening bank accounts, drafting minutes/resolutions and filing of annual returns with the CBRD.

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Business and Risk Advisory

Irrespective of size, activity and structure, businesses today are exposed to complexities, competitive and other challenging forces more than ever. Successful businesses have always been those whose strategies were guided by field experts in adapting to the changing business environment.

AMG Global people count years of experience in different professional roles, dealing with businesses of all sizes, across various sectors, in different structures and under unique leaderships – local and overseas. Our experience and skills make a perfect and unique blend to position us a ‘trusted advisor’ on various projects.

Whilst advisory is not restricted to any specific project, our people have supported clients in risk assessment analysis, business process re-engineering, back-end monitoring & internal audits, feasibility studies & assistance in fund raising etc.

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