About AMG Global

Every new day, entrepreneurs are born; courage and determination make some people go beyond their fears and comfort zones to realize their dreams and achieve their life goals. These people believe in the opportunities which every new day brings with it and are ready to face all struggles and to overcome all hurdles to embrace those opportunities – whether for growth or for survival.

Unfortunately not all businesses succeed – dreams of many entrepreneurs are shattered, years of efforts, hard work, savings invested in business are wasted and many times entrepreneurs are left with nothing but debts!

We believe that there is one fundamental difference between start-ups and mid-sized businesses which could not become success stories and those which survived over time and grown to become large and successful – access to quality expertise. Most SMEs are extremely good in the core area of their businesses but struggle with the other equally vital aspects.

We count years of experience dealing with businesses of all sizes, across various sectors and in several countries and possess the expertise which could make SMEs succeed; thus AMG Globalwas founded in 2016.

AMG Global is an audit and accountancy firm based in Mauritius and was founded with a clear sense of purpose – to support businesses and people in paving their way towards success.

Our Vision

Contribute to sustainable economic and social progress by supporting businesses and people to unlock their utmost potential on the way to success.

Our Mission

Continuously make high quality financial and business expertise accessible to businesses through investment in people.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients – accounting, audit, tax, advisory and many more. We are part of the AMG Global network; the first African network of accountancy and audit firms, through which we can connect you to several African markets.

Our people have the skills, attributes and qualifications which you would require for the services we offer. We bring more than 25 years of combined experience from assisting 150+ businesses across various industry sectors to you!

AMG Global is registered with the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants (MIPA) and licensed by the Financial Reporting Council in Mauritius.

Our People

AMG Global has a strong and dedicated team of young, yet skilled and experienced, accountants and auditors who are committed to high level of service delivery and quality of work.



CEO and Founder

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  • CEO and founder of AMG Global (Mauritius)
  • 15+ years professional experience
  • Current Chairperson and previous Board Secretary at Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants (MIPA)
  • Board Member at Financial Reporting Council (FRC)
  • Public Accountant registered with MIPA and Licensed Auditor by FRC
  • Fellow of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK)
  • Registered Trainer with Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA)
  • Assisted 150+ businesses and has cross-sector experience
  • Managed projects in Mauritius, Africa & Middle-East and has both industry and practice experience
  • Competencies in statutory audit, financial reporting, accounting & tax, internal audit & risk management, business process improvement and financial management
  • Has a keen interest for SMEs, Marketing & Technology
  • Enjoys networking, travelling and reading

AMG Global network

AMG Global is Swiss Verein of Chartered Accountants and Business Professionals. The Association was created to partner with African companies, with the support of professionals from the African continent, in their Africa strategy – whether it is expanding operations to the African continent,cross border trade or fund-raising. AMG Global is present in the following countries:

• Zimbabwe
• Botswana
• South Africa
• Malawi
• Mozambique
• Mauritius
• Zambia
• Madagascar

Through the network of our member firms, we can connect you to any part of Africa and we can pool resources with multiple skills set and cross sector experience to assist clients in the most efficient and effective way.